Pool Swimming Program – For fat burning and toning

Swimming is proven and undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to lose fat and tone up. In this e-journal article Dynamic Woman we share with you not only a swimming program in the pool, but a few more.

As you will see below, any swimming program in the pool can be done by a person who knows how to swim but is not at a competitive level in in 40 – 60 minutes of the hour. Of course, it is worth trying to be part of these programs if you do sports in a pool, even if you are more of a beginner!

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Swimming in the pool is a very good form of exercise for a variety of reasons.

First of all, it is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and excess fat. At the same time, one of the most efficient ways to stimulate your muscles, physical, mental and mental health.

Swimming is relatively pleasant as exercise, since it relaxes you, relaxes you and doesn’t make you sweat (obviously). It is ideal for almost all people and ages. Especially for those who have a large body weight, problems with the spine, musculoskeletal problems or low physical condition. Because the water contributes to the small loading of the joints.

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How many calories can you burn with a swimming program in the pool?

The truth is that there is no clear answer to this question as there are many factors that need to be taken into account. What is certain, however, is that in general with a swimming program in the pool you will burn at least 200 calories in half an hour of exercise. The intensity of the exercise you do, the breaks between sets, your body mass (ie your weight) and the length of time you swim are some of these factors.

1. If you are close to 60 kg:

With a moderate swim, you will easily burn about 200 calories in less than 30 minutes. And by moderate swimming, we mean doing about 1 kilometer or less in half an hour. With a slower swim (we mean freestyle swimming), you will need more time.

2. If you are close to 80 kg:

The corresponding time intervals to burn 200 calories are 20 and 24 minutes.

As you can see, therefore, swimming has almost only advantages as a form of exercise. That is why it is recommended for all people, regardless of age and physical condition.

Now let’s look at some indicative pool training programs for men and women who are at a moderate level. And by “moderate”, we don’t mean so much in terms of fitness as in terms of knowing how to swim. In other words, regardless of whether you are in good physical condition at this time or not, the following training programs are mainly suitable for those of you who know how to swim, have some exposure to different swimming styles, etc.

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1. Swimming program in the pool: Basic freestyle


200m freestyle at a slow pace to get the muscles working

Main program:

4*50m freestyle at 70% speed, with 30 seconds rest between 50s

2*100m freestyle at 60 – 70% speed, with 1 minute rest in between


200 meter freestyle with pool buoy (barrel between legs, legs stay still and only move arms). Alternatively, you can break it up into 2*100m or 4*50m freestyle with the pool buoy

2*25 meters at 100% speed freestyle, with 30 seconds stop in between


100 meter medley or relaxed freestyle

2. Swimming program in the pool: With emphasis on backstroke


100 meters freestyle

100 meters backstroke

Main program:

4*50 meters push-up exercise: 50 meters right arm only, 50 meters left arm only. The opposite hand can be either behind the head straight up, or straight down towards the leg resting on it.

2*100 meter long legs, with board and shoes

3*100m backstroke at 70% speed, with 1 minute stop in between.


50 meters (25 meters and back that is) relaxation or relaxed backstroke or relaxed freestyle

3. Swimming program in the pool: A little bit of all styles


200m: 100m freestyle, 100m medley with change every 25m (ie 25m butterfly in non-regular exercise, 25m backstroke, 25m breaststroke, 25m freestyle)

Main program:

6*100 meters mixed, with a change of styles every 25 meters within each 100 meters. 1 minute stop between 100s.

4*50m plank legs only: 50ft butterfly, 50ft backstroke, 50ft breaststroke, 50ft freestyle. You can also do them with sandals, but of course we are not allowed to wear sandals on the front legs.

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100 meters of leisure or whatever style of leisurely swimming you want

4. Swimming program in the pool: To improve pace and endurance


100 meters freestyle

100 meters mixed, with a change of styles every 25 meters

Main program:

800 meters freestyle. Alternatively, 2*400 meters freestyle


4*25 meters, alternating freestyle and backstroke, at 100% speed, with a 30-second stop between each 25


50 meters (ie 25 and back) slack or other style e.g. free relaxed

These are 4 indicative swimming programs that definitely guarantee a fit and toned body. They are guaranteed to burn fat and reduce the index on your scale. Always as long as they are combined with a careful diet. If you try them, we hope you’ll be satisfied!

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