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Premature Hair Loss – So Many People Are Affected!

Premature Hair Loss, Hair loss is by no means a problem that affects only the elderly. Premature Hair Loss, Early hair loss can occur in both women and men. Those affected usually suffer a lot from this since the loss of hair can also have a strong effect on the psyche.

Here you will find out what causes hair loss at a young age, how it can be treated, and whether a hair transplant is a suitable solution.

Early hair loss is a common problem

Premature Hair Loss, Millions of men around the world are affected by premature hair loss. In concrete terms, the share is around 80 percent. The so-called androgenetic alopecia can occur both in old age and in young adulthood.

It, therefore, happens again and again that even very young men have to notice that their head hair is increasingly thinning. In general, there is talk of hair loss if you lose more than 100 hairs a day for a longer period of time – several weeks.

Premature Hair Loss, Those who are affected by this usually suffer enormously. Because the bald spots are also becoming increasingly visible to outsiders the loss of hair has a direct impact on self-confidence and quality of life.

In extreme cases, already at the age of 20 and 30 years, complete baldness can develop.

Premature Hair Loss
Premature Hair Loss

What causes hair loss at a young age?

Premature Hair Loss, Those who are affected by the so-called androgenetic alopecia, in the worst case, have to expect that the loss will begin from the age of 20. But why does the hair fall out at all?

If there is hereditary hair loss, the hair follicles are hypersensitive to dihydrotestosterone. Dihydrotestosterone is the active form of the male sex hormone testosterone.

The hypersensitivity then leads to atrophy of the hair follicles. The result is very fine and thin hair, as the growth phase of the follicles is significantly shortened.

Premature Hair Loss, This process progresses further and further until at some point the hair roots are also enormously affected and ultimately die. From this point on, the production of new hair is completely and irretrievably stopped, and early hair loss occurs.

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Why you should clarify the causes

If you suspect that you are affected by hair loss, you should consult an expert as soon as possible. This can determine the cause of your hair loss. This is important in order to find a possible method of treatment.

Premature Hair Loss, The specialist can determine whether you are affected by hereditary hair loss, or whether there is another trigger underlying it. After all, hair loss can be triggered not only by hereditary factors, for example, it can also be based by serious diseases.

It is therefore extremely important that you immediately visit a specialist and get detailed advice because in most cases, hair loss does not just disappear by itself.

Other causes for the loss of head hair can be stress, an unbalanced diet, the intake of certain medications, a disturbed hormonal balance or mechanical factors.

What solutions are there?

The sooner you are diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia, the better the treatment options will be. Often at an early stage, it is advised to take tablets with a special active substance.

Premature Hair Loss, This active ingredient ensures that the conversion of testosterone into the active form of dihydrotestosterone is prevented. The reductase inhibitor contained in the tablets can therefore ensure that hair loss is significantly slowed down.

However, it is not possible to stop hereditary hair loss. The tablets must therefore be taken daily because the hair loss resumes immediately when they are discontinued.

In addition, serious side effects can occur as a result of taking the medication. This includes, for example, impotence or the growth of men’s breasts (gynecomastia).

In addition, as a result of ingestion, depressive moods may occur. The side effects can also continue if the intake has already been stopped long ago. Another option is self-hair transplantation.

Is self-hair treatment the most effective?

Premature Hair Loss, If the cause of hair loss is hereditary, hair transplantation is the only effective and permanent solution. Because hair loss can only be delayed by tablets, but not prevented.

In hair implantation, intact hair follicles are removed from a donor area. This is usually located in the area of the back of your head, where the hair follicles here usually have no hypersensitivity to dihydrotestosterone.

These healthy follicles are taken and then processed in the laboratory. After that, you are ready to be implanted in the places on your head that are affected by hair loss.

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Premature Hair Loss, After the surgical procedure, the fresh hair follicles must now still grow firmly. Already after some time, new and healthy hair growth is formed on the previously bald spots.

Since the follicles from the area in the back of the head do not have hypersensitivity to dihydrotestosterone, there is also no risk that the newly transplanted hair will fall out again.

Premature Hair Loss, Using the most modern techniques, it is possible to achieve very natural and authentic results with hair implantation. About a year after the operation, you can then look at the final result in the mirror. The self-hair transplantation is durable for a lifetime and therefore the best solution if early hair loss occurs.

Conclusion: hair implantation helps with early hair loss

If hair loss already occurs in young adulthood, this is a serious burden for those affected. Often the self-confidence fades and the joy of life is also lost.

Premature Hair Loss, One of the main reasons for hair loss at a young age is androgenetic alopecia. Hereditary hair loss can lead to baldness very early on.

In order to find a suitable method of treatment, an expert should be consulted immediately. Early hair loss is often treated with special medications at the initial stage.

Premature Hair Loss, However, these can not completely prevent the loss of hair, but only delay it. If you are therefore looking for a permanent and efficient solution, you should inform yourself about hair transplantation.

Since healthy hair follicles are transplanted into the affected areas on your scalp, new and strong hair growth can occur there. For transplantation, such follicles are taken that are not affected by hereditary hair loss.

There is therefore no risk that the hair will fall out again, which is why hair implantation is a lifelong solution. Already a short time after the operative procedure, you can observe how new hair grows.

With the new head of hair, you will certainly regain your self-confidence and will be able to go through life without your hairy problem in the future.

Premature Hair Loss information. Do not forget to share your thoughts on this subject with us. Be sure to do more research and consult your doctor about your health issues. You can search through the Google search engine.

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Do not hesitate to do a lot of research on your health. Do not neglect to consult your doctor before applying the information you see on the Internet. By taking good care of yourself, you can become beautiful and lead a wonderful life. WittyHealthy wishes you healthy days…

When is hair loss no longer normal?

The rule of thumb is: that 70 to 100 per day in a healthy adult is normal. And even if there should be more, one does not necessarily speak of pathological hair loss. Thinning hair with increasing age is also something normal and is often already in the genes.

What deficiency causes hair loss?

A lack of Vitamin D leads to hair loss (alopecia). In addition, a deficiency of B vitamins (e.g.B. Vitamin B12) and Vitamin H (Biotin) is associated with hair loss and skin dysfunction.

At what age is hair loss most severe?

The hormonal changes during menopause around the age of 50 usually give hereditary hair loss the strongest boost.

Why am I suddenly losing so much hair?

Various factors can temporarily lead to increased hair loss. Stress, illness, lack of nutrients, and medication are just a few examples. In the vast majority of cases, however, the genes are to blame if the scalp shines through over time.

Can hair loss stop by itself?

“In about 40 percent of cases, hair loss stops on its own, and the bald patches disappear within a few months. That’s why you have to be careful with therapy,” says Sterling.

What to eat to stop hair loss?

Regular consumption of foods containing zinc is therefore a must for healthy hair. The most uncomplicated way to consume enough zinc is to eat cheese regularly. For example, strong Edam, creamy gouda, and Emmental are rich in zinc and much more delicious than any dietary supplement against hair loss.

What to eat if you have hair loss?

Hair loss is often the result of an unbalanced diet, after all, a good supply of iron, zinc, B vitamins, folic acid, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, C and E is necessary for healthy hair growth. In addition, there are important amino acids, trace elements and minerals.

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