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Professional Tips: Cutting Hair In Children, Iroquois, vokuhila, and chive curls – the funniest hairstyles often sprout on the heads of babies. How do moms or dads cut their children’s hair correctly? Professional tips for parents.

Professional Tips: Cutting Hair In Children, Going to the hairdresser with the baby already? Many parents prefer to save money and use scissors themselves. Well, if you have nimble hands then. But whether the first haircut succeeds depends not only on mom’s or dad’s cutting skills. It is much more important that you get the offspring to keep still. For some children, this works well if they get something to play with, for example, their favorite cuddly toy.

“Others find it exciting when they can sit in front of a mirror and look at themselves in it,” says Jackie Asaro, who, as a hair and make-up artist in Munich, often also hairstyles children. Those who have a very fussy child should definitely be in pairs: while one distracts, the other cuts.

Professional scissors are a must

Professional Tips: Cutting Hair In Children
Professional Tips: Cutting Hair In Children

Professional Tips: Cutting Hair In Children, Better refrain from ordinary household or craft scissors! They are too dull and break the hair. Especially for the fine hair of babies, they are not suitable. Therefore, if you want to play a hairdresser, you should not shy away from investing in professional hair-cutting scissors.

You can find them, among other things, in well-stocked supermarkets or on the Internet. “For about 30 euros you get a good pair of scissors,” says Jackie Asaro. With it, in fact, only the hair should then be shortened, everything else makes the blade dull.

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First haircut: hairstyle is still unimportant

Professional Tips: Cutting Hair In Children, One thing in advance: the first hair cutting is actually not about a hairstyle. “A baby’s hair grows very unevenly. In principle, what survives and interferes must be shortened,” says Asaro. Sometimes this is a strand over the eyes, sometimes over the ear, or on the back of the head. The hair should not be wet before cutting; this only costs valuable time. And besides, as a layman, it is better to see how the hair falls when they are dry.

Carefully shorten and do not cut away too much

Professional Tips: Cutting Hair In Children, The most important thing, even if it sounds banal: cut very carefully and not cut away too much at once. “Firstly, too short hair just doesn’t look good, and secondly, the closer you get to the scalp with scissors, the greater the risk of injury,” explains Jackie Asaro.

If you want to shorten over the ear, you should hold a hand in front of it and protect it that way. If the hair of the little one is very lush, it is recommended to take a comb to help. Parents of children with straight hair have to cut especially carefully: here you can see a cut immediately.

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