Proper Care For The Beard 2022 NEW

Proper Care For The Beard, beard wearing is trendy again. A little care, however, already wants to be. So men bring the facial jewelry in three steps to the front.

Proper Care For The Beard

1. Washing

Proper Care For The Beard, What applies to the hair also applies to the beard: “Wash at least twice a week with a mild, skin-neutral shampoo,” advises pharmacist Dr. Henrik Dörschner from Wolfsburg, who himself wears a beard. To do this, moisten the hair well with lukewarm water and then lather. Rinse off foam with cool water – this will make it shine. Gently pat dry with a towel. Gently blow dry longer beard hair on a mild setting.

2. Maintain

Proper Care For The Beard, After washing, barbers like to massage and blow dry a few drops of beard oil into the facial hair and the skin under it. It can be spread well with a soft beard brush made of pig bristles. The oil helps to smooth stubborn hair – and makes the often dull beard hair shine.

A handy beard comb for the pocket is suitable for combing on the go. If you want to style your beard in addition, use care products such as beard balm, pomade, and cum. The latter is ideal for shaping a mustache so that it does not interfere with talking or eating.

3. Trimming

Proper Care For The Beard, Those who shave protruding hair – dry or wet – look more well-groomed. “Shaving foam or gel allows the uppermost layers of the skin to swell slightly during wet shaving, making it easier to cut the hair,” says pharmacist Dörschner. A good hair trimmer helps to shorten tangled and curly beard hair with millimeter precision in the total length.

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