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Receding Hairline, Receding Hairline Women, Receding Hairline Haircut 2022

Receding Hairline, Goethe, Jürgen Klopp, Jude Law: Receding hairlines have shown and continue to show on many male heads. Receding Hairline Women, on the contrary, they are rare. Read here why the temporal bumps of those affected become bald and what can be done against receding hairline.

Receding Hairline

Receding Hairline
Receding Hairline
  • Treatment: minoxidil- or caffeine-containing agents; finasteride in tablet form; possibly hair transplantation; wig or toupee; shaving bald head; antiandrogens in women
  • Causes: Usually hereditary hair loss; only in women hereditary hair loss is pathological
  • When to go to the doctor?: With very rapid progression; rather diffuse or circular hair loss; severe tuft-wise hair loss
  • Diagnosis: eye diagnosis; in case of doubt, further examinations to rule out other diseases
  • Prevention: Early treatment slows down progress; under certain circumstances, a healthy, balanced diet

What is Receding Hairline?

Receding hairline in the area of the temporal humps and forehead is called receding hairline corners (calvities frontalis) in those affected (mainly men) — the so-called receding hairline corners and a bald forehead develop. Later, the hair also thins on the upper back of the head around the vertebra (tonsure). Bald forehead and tonsure often meet at some point, so that the entire upper part of the head is bald and only a horseshoe-shaped hair ring remains.

In most cases, the hairline begins to lighten only in the middle or older years of life. However, there are cases in which adolescents already develop receding hairline corners and are sometimes bald before the age of 30.

Receding Hairline Women

Receding Hairline Women
Receding Hairline Women

Receding Hairline Women with hereditary hair loss usually shows a different appearance. Here, there is usually a gradual thinning of the hair at the top of the head (vertex area), without complete baldness at some point. Only rarely does the male pattern (with bald forehead and receding hairline) occur in women.

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What if babies have receding hairlines?

In some cases, receding hairline corners show up in babies. However, this is a completely normal process and nothing to worry about. The little ones often lose their first baby hair a few weeks after birth. The loss of these first hairs visually follows the same pattern as in older men. Also, circular hair loss on the back of the head often occurs in the baby.

However, the actual hair in babies then usually grows back quite quickly. The first hairs and the later ones sometimes differ in color and structure.

What can be done about Receding Hairline?

The external use of minoxidil is intended to counteract receding hairlines and baldness. The active ingredient enhances hair growth, probably due to increased scalp blood circulation. Men apply a five percent minoxidil solution to the affected areas on the head twice a day. In some cases, the receding hairline corners can even be pushed back a little. Some studies suggest that caffeine as an active ingredient has a similarly good effect.

Women with hereditary hair loss treatment the thinning areas with a two percent minoxidil solution twice a day. However, after discontinuation of the remedy, hair loss usually progresses again. In some cases, doctors treat affected women with antiandrogens, that is, with active substances that are directed against the male sex hormone.

For the treatment of receding hairline and baldness in men, tablets with the active ingredient finasteride are available. They inhibit an enzyme that converts testosterone into the even more effective dihydrotestosterone. This treatment stops hair loss in many cases. Again, the effect generally only lasts for the duration of the treatment.

Many sufferers want to hide their baldness or receding hairline with hairpieces. Available are toupees and wigs made of real or synthetic hair in various designs and hair colors. Those interested have the opportunity to get professional advice in a second hair studio.

A surgical treatment option is hair transplantation: by transplanting your own hair from more hairy parts of the head to bald areas, baldness or receding hairline corners can be filled up. This method is used especially in men with hereditary alopecia. It is less suitable for female patients with their usually diffuse thinning of the hair.

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Some men opt for the radical solution for receding hairline and lightening occipital hair: they can shave a bald head.

What causes Receding Hairline?

Receding hairline corners are a typical sign of hereditary (androgenetic) hair loss in men (androgenetic alopecia): the hair follicles are hypersensitive to testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) because they carry an excessive number of docking sites (receptors) for these male sex hormones on their surface.

As a result, the growth phase (anagen phase) of the hair is shortened, and the whole hair cycle accelerates. As a result, the hairs reach the “end of their life” faster and fall out. In addition, the hair follicles gradually cease to function and decrease in size. They only produce fine, thin hairs and eventually none at all.

In contrast to hereditary hair loss in men, androgenetic alopecia in women is a pathological form. This usually affects women after menopause. The hormone change has an influence on the genetically caused hair loss, just like in men.

Exactly which genes are involved is still unknown in men and women.

When to go to the doctor for a Receding Hairline?

Studies show that receding hairline and baldness in rare cases indicate an increased risk of prostate cancer and coronary heart disease (CHD).

For example, men who have deep receding hairline corners and light spots on the back of the head before the age of 45 seem to be more susceptible to later prostate cancer. In men with a bald head on the upper back of the head, the risk of coronary heart disease is apparently increased.

Diffuse hair loss (irregularly all over the head) or circular hair loss, on the other hand, may indicate other diseases or malnutrition, while receding hairlines are usually associated with hereditary hair loss. The development of a receding hairline and a gradually thinning main hair is a gradual process over many years, which does not necessarily have to lead to complete hair loss.

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It is advisable to go to the doctor, however, if suddenly large amounts of hair run out in tufts when combing or individual bald spots form. This indicates possible disease.

You can find more information about this in the article Hair loss.

Receding Hairline Haircut

Receding Hairline Haircut
Receding Hairline Haircut

Diagnosis Receding Hairline

As a rule, the receding hairline corners are already recognizable by eye diagnosis. Under certain circumstances, however, the doctor will carry out further examinations for other types of hair loss or if the development of the receding hairline has progressed very quickly, in order to rule out diseases other than hereditary hair loss.

Prevention Receding Hairline

It is discussed whether a healthy, vitamin-rich, and balanced diet has an influence on the growth of hair. It is also sometimes advisable to pay attention to a properly adjusted iron value. However, it has not been conclusively proven that this prevents hereditary receding hairline corners — but a healthy balanced diet is generally a good health precaution.

Otherwise, the progression of the receding hairline can be stopped or slowed down in many cases with early and ongoing treatment, for example with minoxidil. It is best to talk to your doctor about this.

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