Recycle the orange and banana peels

Recycle the peel of bananas

The fact that banana peel isn’t edible doesn’t mean it doesn’t have properties – it can be recycled in so many different ways and it’s a real shame to throw it away without trying to give it a chance. Since bananas come from afar, it is good to buy fair-trade fruits that are more respectful of the environment and workers.

For blemished skin

Inside the banana peel are enclosed vitamins, minerals and starch which can help purify the skin, soothe inflammation, lighten dark spots and improve the overall appearance of the skin. Rubbing the peel of a ripe banana on the areas of the face and body affected by blackheads and pimples seems to be effective in cleaning the pores, inflaming the skin and speeding up the healing of lesions. The ideal is to rub the banana peel in the evening before going to sleep, so that it can work all night; the next morning you rinse everything with water. The first benefits can be seen after at least two weeks, so patience is needed.

Against warts

In case of warts on the hands or feet, a natural remedy suggests rubbing the banana peel on the lesion, applying a plaster and waiting. After the second application, the wart should be gone.

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To whiten your teeth

Rubbed banana peel on teeth can help remove stains and whiten enamel naturally. It should be applied every day for two weeks before you can see results.

Insect bites

If you are stung by a wasp or a bee, a mosquito or another insect and you have no better remedy available, you can try to relieve the itch with banana peel. It is probably not the best natural post-puncture, but in the absence of more effective remedies it can be an emergency solution.

Polish the silver jewelry

To remove the dark patina from silver rings, earrings and bracelets you can rub the banana peel. In addition to polishing silver jewelry, banana peel can also be used on leather bags and shoes to make them soft and shiny again. Peel residues can be removed with a cotton cloth.

For strong and healthy plants

Those with a green thumb can rely on banana peel for fertilize plants in the apartment or in the garden. To recycle banana peels for plants simply cut them into small pieces, leave them in the open air to dry and mix them with the earth. Alternatively, you can boil the banana peels in water and use the cold infusion to irrigate them. Since banana peel contains many minerals, this food waste nourishes the earth and allows plants to grow better.

Recycle the citrus peel

Also there peel of oranges and other citrus fruits such as lemon, grapefruit and lime can be used in a variety of ways rather than thrown away. Since orange peel is mainly used for cosmetic or food purposes, it is necessary to buy oranges with edible peel that has not been treated on the surface.

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For skin and hair

An all-natural DIY facial toner is made with apple cider vinegar, water and orange, lemon or lime peels. To make it, simply let the citrus peel macerate in vinegar. After about twelve hours, it is filtered with a sieve and an equal amount of water is added to the vinegar. The solution obtained can be stored for about four to five days in the refrigerator and can be used on the skin of the face for close the pores of the skin after cleansing, applying it with a cotton swab.

In addition to being a facial tonic, this DIY preparation can be used on the hair. After the normal shampoo it is poured on the hair during the final rinse to close the hair scales making the shiny and soft hair. The treatment can be done once or twice a month: a higher frequency could in fact dehydrate the hair over time.

Citrus scrub

The citrus scrub is a really simple DIY product to prepare. After grating the peel of an orange or a lemon, mix it with two tablespoons of salt or sugar, depending on whether the scrub is prepared for the body or for the face. Four tablespoons of sunflower oil are then added, mixed again and the scrub is ready to exfoliate the skin before hair removal or a cosmetic treatment.

Flavoring herbal teas and sweets

The peel of the orange and lemon have a great flavor and can be used in desserts and herbal teas to flavor them. For this purpose only the orange part is used, while the white one must be removed as it is bitter. Once washed and cleaned, it can be inserted into the mixture of cakes and biscuits, cut into small pieces or thin strips: the orange peel is excellent together with cinnamon and cocoa or chocolate while that of lemon goes well with the flavor of vanilla. . Orange peel is also perfect for give a pleasant flavor to herbal teas curative and make them tastier.

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