Rules you have to follow if you stay the night at his house!

It’s the moment you wait for with great impatience, longing and terrible anxiety, but when it arrives, anxiety overwhelms you and an inexplicable knot in your stomach won’t leave you alone. The fact that you will be sleeping in someone else’s house and you will feel somewhat uncomfortable, the fact that there may be third parties living in the house, such as roommates, relatives, the embarrassment flares up even more. Everything promises to be an eventful night, which you will certainly remember. For this night, of course, you will have thought a week before even the smallest detail and you will have in mind some “rules” you should follow.

Let’s start with the simplest, which of course at the moment they think “mountain” to you, like for example being comfortable and relaxed and feeling as comfortable as possible in his place, not hesitating to ask for anything from a snack for the night to an extra blanket because you catch cold easily. Of course, you’d rather starve to death, listen to your stomach complain all night and curl up to warm your little bone!

Let me not talk about the position of your body that will not change throughout the night so that no noise can be heard from the mattress and cause a disturbance in the house! And of course no need to visit the toilet at night. You will stifle your biological needs because the peace of mind of the rest prevails, which will surely be disturbed by the cistern!

Before you go to his house you will pack a bag with two or three things to spend the night there. Don’t go into the process of emptying your entire wardrobe into a suitcase because you don’t know what to choose first. Or much more don’t even take sheets with you in order not to bother him because you will surely offend him in this way. And if you forget something unimportant, don’t act hysterical. You can last a night without the night cream for your face!

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In relation to third parties who may live in the house, be discreet and kind. Sarcastic comments between funny and serious about roommates can be fatal and you end up going back to your house to sleep. Also, if your boyfriend lives with his sister or brother, that would be great be restrained in your excitement to meet them. You’ll make a good impression, but you don’t need to be passed over for being silly for being invited to a pajama party!

Last and most important: Respect his space and don’t consider it yours because you just slept there one night. Don’t try to change him or judge him about how he likes the space he lives in. Because if something like this happens, you painted her and the only thing that is certain is that you will not sleep at his house again. Therefore, try to enjoy and enjoy the night you will stay there, feeling like you are at home, but not really your home!

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