Shoes, how to clean and store them: the unmissable tricks

Keep your shoes clean it is never easy, especially due to the fact that these always have direct contact with the outside: whether it is asphalt, grass or soil, they are certainly not a source of hygiene and cleanliness. It is therefore advisable to try to wash them often and above all to keep them, for example during the change of season, in an effective way: the foolproof tricks and the best products.

Cleaning your shoes: what to watch out for

Like everything, shoes also need their precautions to be kept as long as possible. Of course, footwear is not forever, but using the wrong products to clean them or arranging them incorrectly can damage them even sooner than expected.

In fact, it is necessary to take into account the different characteristics they require, especially as regards the material. We can find ourselves in front of leather, fabric, rubber, paint, and each of these needs products in line.

How many times have we found ourselves in front of a pair of shoes that we have to clean without having the slightest idea how to do it? Certainly many, because doubts always arise in these cases. Do not worry, because as always there is the solution: here it is the best tricks for an extraordinary success.

Wash your leather shoes

The leather shoes smooth are among the most expensive on the market, and the last wish is certainly to ruin them with a cleaning procedure totally unsuitable for the fabric.

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What you need to do first is dust your shoes with a cloth before proceeding with a cream or with a polish specially created. In supermarkets or in the shoemakers themselves you can find an infinity of perfect cleaning products. The important thing is to apply it a little at a time, so as not to create halos but, on the contrary, to make everything absorb slowly.

Another problem that grips anyone who wears leather shoes is rain: the effect can be frightening, but even in this case it can be remedied (the important thing is to be timely). Once back home, you need to wet your shoes with a damp cloth and fill them with newspaper before drying them away from heat sources.

Clean and polish patent leather shoes

If for the leather shoes you have to be very careful because of the delicacy, a completely different story is for the paint that certainly has its cons, but also its pros.

Among the “cons” is the fact that patent leather shoes get dirty very quickly, acquiring an often ugly appearance. Here, however, the biggest “pro” comes into play: they are easy to clean.

What to use to clean patent leather shoes? As a first precaution, it is important to use a soft cloth to remove unnecessary dirt like dust; subsequently, to restore shine to the shoes, just use a cloth soaked in milk (a little, I recommend) or with a little paraffin.

The reason for the soft cloth is one and it is simple: if you use abrasive sponges or brushes, to speed up the passage or because you are convinced of greater cleaning, you only end up ruining the shoes with scratches.

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Cotton or canvas, the trick for shoes

Although it is a common habit, shoes should never be machine washed, unless this step is indicated on the label. This is because it compromises their life cycle, decreasing it in an evident way. The solution is simple, even and above all for those in cotton or canvas: water.

After removing the laces, to be washed separately with ordinary soap rubbing them well, you can move on to shoes. The watchwords are cold water; yes, although hot water tends to be more useful for removing dirt, we cannot use it to wash shoes because it would ruin them or (at worst) shrink them.

If you want to get a perfect resultit is good soak the shoes for at least 6 hours, and then brush them vigorously: unlike paint or leather which would be damaged, the fabric will not suffer from this energetic step. And for drying? It is wrong to expose them to direct sunlight or dry them with a hairdryer: it is important to leave them open and let them dry slowly.

Sneakers: how to clean them

Again, the washing machine is not recommended. Often the appliance, especially if it is very new, has a special program for footwear. If this type of washing is not indicated on the label, however, it is best to avoid and continue with elbow grease.

In particular, for sneakers there is the problem of the rubber sole that could come unstuck in a very short time. A simple soap, just like for the canvas, will do just fine.

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Store your shoes after the change of season

When the time comes for the change of season, there can always be some doubts about how keep clothes and shoes too which are no longer needed for that period. For footwear you need to follow a few simple rules so that, in the following season, you don’t have to go back to the store to buy new ones.

This happens when they are stored in the wrong places. First of all it is important to have a shoe cabinetbecause it is a safe place for shoes where they stay cool, dry and above all do not receive dust.

If you do not have a shoe rack, good and old boxes will do just fine: you can use those in which the shoes themselves were stored at their purchase, or you can buy new ones both on the internet and in physical stores. They come in all sizes and colors, and they can also become a super cute decor for your bedroom.

Natural remedies for cleaning shoes

Finally, how can we not think of the infallible natural remedies? At home it is always good to use them, especially because they are often cheaper and even more ecological than products found in supermarkets. In fact, even for shoes, there is a very effective remedy: so that the shoes smell and do not accumulate humidity, just fill bags with baking soda to insert inside them. A few moves, and that’s it.

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