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Sydney Sweeney: This Is Her Daily Skin Care!

The Sydney Sweeney she stood out through her participation in the successful series “Euphoria” and was a topic of discussion both for the role she played and for her previous work.

The glamorous star has a captivating natural beauty, but things haven’t always been rosy. She admitted in an interview that she suffered from cystic acne for most of her teenage years.

Now, the Sydney Sweeney she has it under control thanks to a proper skincare routine aimed at keeping her combination skin healthy and happy.

Sydney Sweeney: Her daily skincare regimen for healthy, glowing skin

In the shower, she washes her face with a cleansing gel from a well-known company. Sometimes she mixes in an exfoliant, just to help, because she has combination skin. If she doesn’t exfoliate then her makeup will sit weird on her face and cause breakouts as she has a lot of cystic acne.

  • The moisturizing serum

She uses it every day and night, since, as she herself has said, without a moisturizer her skin “dries out”.

  • The moisturizing cream

She uses a moisturizer from a well-known French company that her makeup artist tried about a year and a half ago and it’s the only lotion that works for her skin when I wear makeup.

  • Her sunscreen

She always uses sunscreen! She admitted that she never used sunscreen before because her skin is so sensitive and sunscreens usually make her break out She started using it gradually in the last year and a half and her face is free of pimples so it has been her savior for glowing and healthy skin.

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