The 10 Best Summer Hair Shades

As we have hopefully entered summer it is time to talk about the shades of hair that will dominate this year. So if you need a change, a refresh in your hair, so that your self-confidence and mood rise, then read below to see the hair color trends for this summer.

Top 10 hair colors for summer

1. Red and copper shades

Red hair is making a strong comeback this summer, whether in natural ginger shades or copper, they are a seductive proposition. Various shades of red and warm shades are very hot for this season. These colors will sweeten your face and suit fair skins perfectly.

2. Strawberry blonde

This shade is a very interesting proposal, which combines blonde with red, creating a very beautiful and sweet color. It stays close to natural tones and is an unusual and captivating shade.

3. Sandre honey blonde

Midre honey blonde hair color suits most women as it is a warm and elegant shade that can soften the skin tone.

4. Chocolate coffee

Chocolate is an earthy, ordinary and safe choice. It gives the woman warmth and sweetness, as the color brown is warm and sweet. It is rare to be a woman’s natural hair color but is a common choice for dyeing. It does not damage the hair, as it does not need pickling or a lot of time to do. It is undoubtedly an attractive shade that suits fair and wheat skin as well as dark skin tones.

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5. Platinum blonde hair

Platinum blonde in the previous decade was a very big trend, but even now it continues to be a suggestion of the experts and a choice of many women. This shade is more suitable for fair skin tones and goes perfectly with bob haircuts, pixie cuts, long and straight hair and many more.

6. Gray blond

The gray blonde hair color is a big trend for this summer and will be preferred mainly by women who love cool blondes, such as sandre and ash.

7. Bronde – Dark brown and blonde

This shade is here to stay it seems. The bleaching, whether it starts high at the root or lower in the middle of the hair, should harmoniously tie the brown at the root with the light blonde on the surface sections of the hair at the lengths and ends.

8. Highlights of babylights

This technique has become a thing of the past, as it is the evolved form of the classic highlight. It has a natural effect thanks to its special weave with color contrasts, which are not so clear, but create a beautiful image.

9. Intense ombre

Bold ombrés are still in fashion and can brighten you up without dyeing your hair from the roots. To renew your look in a modern way, choose blonde or red gradations in color.

10. Red acacia

Red acacia is an intense color but at the same time very impressive. It suits both fair and dark skins perfectly and is suitable for those of you who love red shades in your hair.

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