The Best Baby Bath Towel

When we talk about our babies or think about giving a baby a gift, we must take into account certain aspects of the products we choose, since babies have sensitive skin and may be allergic to certain materials that come into contact with their skin.

Here is a checklist of the guidelines to keep in mind when choosing the best baby bath towel:

Baby’s Age

Babies are small at birth and a towel that measures 80 cm long by 80 cm wide may be enough. With the passing of the months and as he grows, it will be necessary to change the towel for a larger one that fits his height.

With Hood or Without Hood

Baby towels usually have a hood to cover the baby’s head, with respect to it, we just have to keep in mind that it is not very deep so that it does not cover his face completely and thus avoid discomfort and possible accidents. As they grow and change the towel for a larger one, the hood will be more for aesthetic reasons than out of necessity, for example, those of older children sometimes bring animal faces to encourage the child to enjoy bath time with the idea of ​​feeling disguised when using your towel.

Baby Towel Material

Babies have sensitive skin since they come from a very controlled environment in the womb, therefore, while their body acquires immunity to the elements that are in our environment, they can present allergies to very simple things that adults do not. would have no effect.

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For this reason, among the most recommended materials for baby towels we find natural cotton since, in addition to being a hypoallergenic material, it is very soft and absorbs water very well. No synthetic materials.

The latest material preferred by those who seek a more natural life and who also think about the planet, is bamboo. A completely natural material that has turned out to be very productive and kind to the needs of our common home, the earth.

Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties and the fiber made from it has multiple uses, and the baby bath towel is no exception. You will find that they are soft, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, super absorbent and very cute.


The decorations on the baby bath towels should be very subtle, that they do not hinder or hurt the baby. It really isn’t the main thing.

Choose one that best meets these three conditions, the right size, the perfect hood and the best material.

When you already have the chosen towel, we recommend you wash the baby bath towel before using it for the first time.

Avoid using soaps detergents or fabric softeners with strong aromas so that they do not permeate the towel and prevent them from causing allergies in the baby.

Wash it only together with your baby’s clothes, remember that their skin is very delicate.

dry it in an airy environment so that it dries completely, you can put it in the sun, but for a prudent drying time since it can become stiff and, on the contrary, we want it to be soft for our baby.

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Dry well between each bath, so you will prevent bacteria from accumulating.

Now you just have to choose the color you prefer.

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