The best diets of the week from 13 to 19 June

The temperatures are now hot, and those who can take refuge in the sea to enjoy some refreshing dip. Never as at this time of the year should we be careful about what we eat. A good dietit helps us lose weight easily and stay fit, even in very hot weather. But how to choose it, among the many you hear about almost everywhere? here are the food advice from our experts.

How the ketogenic diet works

One of the most famous in recent years is the ketogenic diet, the cornerstone of which is drastic reduction of carbohydrates for the body to affect the reserves of fat as an alternative source of energy. To understand how it works and what are the right foods to bring to the table, we consulted the Dr. Laura Giori, nutritionist biologist. And the first advice can only be a warning: this type of diet should be adopted only after careful control by a specialist.

The protocol to follow generally provides for a very low daily intake of carbohydrates in favor of a large amount of fat. This leads the body to go into ketosis: when it is in this state, the body begins to burn the adipose tissue in order to obtain the energy necessary for its basic processes. In order to kick off ketogenesis, the foods to be preferred are those totally (or almost) free of carbohydrates such as meat and fish, eggs, cheeses and extra virgin olive oil.

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Because the Mediterranean diet is the best of the year

For the fifth consecutive year, according to the US News & World Reportwins the title of best diet in the world: we are talking about an all-Italian excellence, the Mediterranean diet. Useful not only for losing weight, but also for protecting health from problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, it is a real lifestyle. And the dietician Ambra Morelli explains why this type of diet is so successful internationally, providing useful advice for those who want to start adopting it.

Several scientific studies have shown i significant benefits of the Mediterranean diet, which by proposing a healthier diet model promotes the fight against obesity and reduces the risks associated with it – as well as the onset of some cancers. Being mainly based on a high fiber intake and a reduction of simple fats and sugars, it can be followed by anyone without particular problems (including children). And, importantly, it does not provide for a total renunciation of carbohydrates: a good plate of pasta helps not only a good mood, but also the success of a diet.

The ideal diet to lower blood pressure

L’hypertension it is a very common problem, which represents a risk factor for cardiovascular disorders and is therefore absolutely not to be underestimated. Although age and a genetic predisposition underlie the onset of this condition, diet can be of great help in keeping it under control. We all know that it is important to reduce your salt intake, but which one type of power supply is more suitable for fighting high blood pressure? A few years ago the DASH diet was born, which was created precisely against hypertension.

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DASH is rich in foods that contain significant amounts of potassium, calcium and magnesium: these mineral salts help to lower blood pressure and also act against cholesterol, another risk factor for cardiovascular disease. In addition, this diet plans to reduce the intake of sodium, saturated fats and simple sugars. Among the excellent foods to consume are fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, white meats, fish and low-fat dairy products.

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