The Best Vitamins and Minerals for Nails

Nails can often indicate various problems in the body, such as a disorder in the functioning of the liver or kidneys. Changes in their color or shape may reflect the bad eating habits we have, which deprive our body of valuable and necessary nutrients.

To be healthy, the nails must be smooth, flexible, have a uniform color and the shade of the skin under them must be rosy. If any of this changes, then you too must change your diet, i.e. supply your body with the right vitamins and minerals.

See below which vitamins you should include in your diet to have healthy and strong nails.

Vitamin A

The deficiency of this vitamin or its low intake may be the reason why your nails are brittle and dry. Vitamin A is very important for the growth of cells and tissues of the body, it protects the surface of the nails and helps in their rapid growth.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is responsible for the formation of red blood cells in the body. The low intake of this vitamin results in insufficient production of red blood cells, which carry oxygen and other necessary elements to all tissues of the body and, of course, to the nails.

Vitamin B7 or biotin

Biotin increases nail thickness and reduces nail breakage. It also helps in the metabolism of fatty acids, amino acids and glucose, which are important for body tissues and nails naturally. Brittle nails may indicate a biotin deficiency. It is no coincidence that it has been given the name “vitamin of beauty” due to its beneficial effect on nails as well as skin and hair.

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Vitamin B9 or folic acid

Folic acid is essential for nail growth and health, as it contributes to the formation of red blood cells and the growth of new cells. Its deficiency causes a change in the pigment in the nails and makes them brittle and stiff.

Vitamin C

This vitamin increases the production of collagen, which is an essential protein that strengthens the nails. Its deficiency can make nails brittle and slow down their growth.


Calcium is essential for nails as well as bones as it makes them strong with endurance. Brittle nails may indicate that your body lacks enough calcium. In fact, when the nails break easily or peel and the breakage starts at the tip of the nail, the nail can detach horizontally.


Zinc is a very important mineral, which keeps nails healthy. Its deficiency appears with white spots on the nails, while they are slow and long.


Iron deficiency makes nails brittle and hollow. Iron is very important for the production of red blood cells, which carry it with oxygen where it is needed.


Magnesium is thought to help a lot with stress, which contributes to poor nail growth. Magnesium deficiency slows down nail growth.

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