The correct order of application of hair products

Hair layering: see what is the correct order of application of hair care and styling products

As with the correct sequence of facial care, so our hair can particularly benefit from the correct sequence of product application. Undoubtedly, the no.1 step for proper hair care is to choose the products that suit your hair type. However, the order you will follow for their application can either give the best results, or hinder the absorption of the ingredients and therefore have no benefit for your hair. Read below, how to do hair layering, i.e. how to properly apply hair care products.

What are the essential hair care products?

If she has normal, undyed, healthy hair, then you probably don’t need special care with special products, just a hair heat protectant to preserve its integrity, in case you use curling irons and blow dryers. But if you have sensitized, damaged, curly, dry or dehydrated hair, you will definitely need all of the following.

Of course, for washing you will need shampoo, mask and conditioner for your hair type, while for after washing you will need a moisturizing product that does not rinse, a styling product and an oil that will give shine and lock the styling product and the leave-in treatment.

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Optionally, if you deem it necessary that your hair needs it, add a vegetable hair oil to your care routine.

In what order should I apply the hair products?

Step 1. In the shower

In the order we mentioned above, you will apply them to the bath. Shampoo, mask, conditioner. The conditioner should be added last, as it closes the scales of the hair, so as to lock in the nutrients of the mask.

Step 2. After washing

As in skin care, products are applied from the thinnest to the thickest. The correct order of application of hair products:

#1. Leave-in hair conditioner

A leave-in conditioner that will provide continuous hydration and an oil that will lock that hydration inside the hair are essential. See the best leave-in conditioners.

#2. Heat protectant

The heat protectant is necessary to apply, as its composition with silicones creates an invisible film on the hair coat and protects them even at temperatures of 200 degrees. If you intend to apply a styling product afterwards, then it must go in first. See the best heat protectants for hair.

#3. Styling products (gel, foam, styling creams)

Depending on your hair type, you will also choose the appropriate styling product. Gels are ideal for curly hair, mousse is ideal for thin hair to add volume without weighing it down, while styling creams can be applied to both split and very curly hair.

#4. Oil (commercial + vegetable)

We’ve talked countless times about hair oils. There are many different ones, herbal (eg olive oil) and commercial (eg Olaplex, Morroccanoil, etc.). We recommend that you have in your possession both herbal hair oils to carry out regular treatments, as well as commercial oils with specialized compositions, which give shine and shine and lock moisture inside the hair, without weighing it down. Commercial oils enter the styling last, no matter what you do, while vegetable oils, it is better to apply them 1-2 hours before washing.

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#5. Lak

Completely optional and only in case you have done a hairstyle or want extra volume, the hairspray is always added at the end, so that it is not affected by the rest of the products.

In short, the correct order to apply hair products

  • Before bathing: vegetable oils
  • When washing: Shampoo – treatment – conditioner
  • After washing: Leave in treatment – ​​heat protectant – styling product – commercial oil – lacquer

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