The make up tricks that eliminate the signs of fatigue from the eyes

Dark circles, bags, dullness and fine lines make their appearance in the sensitive eye area and these are signs of fatigue, according to experts. And they are due to the minimal hours of sleep and the endless hours in front of the computer screen. And if you faithfully follow the advice of facialists and dermatologists but all the little secrets that I often reveal to you, there are also those times when you want to improve the appearance of your eyes immediately and effectively.

In this case, make up artists come to give you the solution with makeup secrets that will save you.
Use Color Corrector
It’s the right time to learn how to use colored products that resemble concealers but are small “miracles”. Especially when it comes to dark circles, it’s often not enough to cover them with your favorite concealer. Circles in a purple shade will probably always be distinguishable. And if you try to cover them by creating layers on top of them, the result will not satisfy you. Purple tones are neutralized with the peach-orange shade. You apply a small amount where needed, blend well and continue with the concealer. The yellow eliminates dark circles and green any redness, bruising and irritation. But don’t forget that you apply your moisturizer first.
Smart Use of Concealer
You apply the concealer lengthwise to the darkest point of the circles under your eyes which is usually near the inner corner. Be careful, don’t get too close to the base of the eyelashes, there is a risk of making your makeup look unnatural and flat.
Nude and white Eye Pencil
It is the ingenious trick of make up artists when they want to give extra shine to the look and at the same time “liveness” and freshness. They avoid dark shadows and prefer a nude or a white pencil with which they outline the inside of the lower eyelid. In this way the white part of the eye looks even brighter and the look radiates.
Comb your eyebrows
One more little secret of the experts. It may seem improbable to you, but they comb the eyebrows upwards and the reason is serious, and this is because this particular look lifts the eyes and makes them look bigger and more impressive, with the result that small imperfections are not visible. After brushing, they use a brow gel so they stay in place for hours.
Shining in the inner corner of the eye

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This is one of the biggest trends of the season, but also a secret of make up artists for years now. A small amount of shadow shimmer in silver, white or gold in the inner corner offers a unique glow that overshadows any signs of fatigue. For an even more intense effect, you can use your favorite highlighter.

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