The manicure that resembles a miniature work of art

Nail artists are very fond of painting and are often inspired by movements such as abstract art for example. Don’t forget that the abstract look has become one of the biggest trends and I’m sure you’ve followed it by adopting one of the manicures I’ve suggested. And now comes another trend that the experts have loved and will become your new weakness. This is a new art version that it is called “brushstroke” and is reminiscent of strokes on a canvas and in this particular case on the nails.

It’s taken Instagram by storm and suits all nail lengths and shapes perfectly. And if you see the nuances and the effect created by this particular technique, it is certain that you will ask your manicurist for it at your next appointment.

Pink subtle base and a touch of darker shade with glitter.

Dark blue, white and gold leaves in undefined shapes.

Gold, yellow and orange highlights at the base of the nails. Shiny and super optimistic manicure that will brighten your days.

In earth tones it is an ode to autumn.

One of the most impressive looks. Gray color embraces white and black and a gold detail gives the perfect glam effect.

Fine vertical strokes in the prettiest pastel shades make the nails look like a miniature work of art.

All green tones are this season’s big trend, they create an incredible contrast with white and nude shades.

Blue remains a favorite and one of the colors that goes well with brushstroke nail art design.

Nude, minimal and tres chic.

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THE Nina Park she is one of the most talented nail artists who loves to create this particular nail look and in fact in its most artistic form. She has even revealed that she doesn’t use any special tools to achieve it, only the varnish brush and her imagination.

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