The messages that reveal that he no longer likes you

Ever since social media came out and plowed the world, the relationship has also gone to another level. When we made up, when we fought, when we broke up, when we got back together, we didn’t even know. And how to understand it when everything is done in dt time through a screen and downloaded messages? This modern way of communication therefore in turn created some types of boys that we meet during the period when the relationship is “on the verge of breaking up”.

#1 The Monologue

He is the guy who has definitely passed through your life at least once, making his presence felt with his characteristic answers of “yes” and “no”, “good” and “ok” and if he’s in the mood he throws a ” We’ll see”. It’s the time when on the one hand you feel like you’re on a game show, with your boyfriend playing the role of the player and you being the host asking the questions, and on the other hand you start to realize that something is wrong in this relationship . One-word answers, if nothing else, show a person who is bored of talking, maybe indifferent, maybe he wants to indirectly but clearly tell you that he doesn’t like you anymore, but because “I want to break up” it’s not easyin this way he throws the ball to you so that you can tell him and get him out of a difficult situation.

#2 Herakias

Is that spastic little blue hand on facebook just annoying me? I don’t think so! Sometimes we step on it by mistake and run for cover for the blunder we made, and sometimes we don’t feel like answering and throw a “hand”, so to say we said something! Of course, when it’s your boyfriend who chooses to respond to you in this way lately, then you should probably start wondering if this relationship is still going well.

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#3 The sequel “We’ll see”

This uncertain, vague, future as long as it doesn’t go “we’ll see” about a matter is perhaps the biggest lie that has been told because deep down at the moment we say it, we are sure that we won’t make it happen! Most of the time we say it to maybe reassure the other person, because we are bored and don’t feel like negotiating. In the case now that you open a conversation with your boyfriend about future trips etc. and you have on the other hand a tape that repeats in a steady rhythm an indifferent “we’ll see”, then know that the trip you’re thinking about won’t happen and that the boy he simply wants to avoid telling you “well, we don’t know if we’ll be together until then, you’re thinking about traveling!”.

#4 The “hey, what are you doing?”

This is where you feel more than ever that something has gone wrong and separation is just around the corner. At first you think you’ve been texted by one of those simple “acquaintances”, you know, who while you may never have exchanged a single “hello” at school, remembers you when they want to know something about the exam or ask you notes and to politely start his message with that utterly standard “hello what are you doing”. So with this phrase, without any address, without an emoticon, your boyfriend is trying to distance himself and it’s clearly showing.

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