The most beautiful black nail looks

It’s that time of year when you finally can ask the manicurist to use the black nail polish again. The favorite and classic now. The one that suits all nail lengths and shapes and occasions. Black nail looks do not bind you and this is one of the biggest advantages.

From the french manicure to the abstract and from the simple which means black color all over the surface, everything looks great. Nail artists love black details and that’s why they create wonderful designs that inspire. And you, in turn, wait for the summer to pass to choose the manicure you will adopt first. And if you have an appointment during the week, all you have to do is see the best ones afterwards.

Clean and Simple: This is the description given by the nail artist and she is right. Curves and transparencies combine beautifully in a look that suits the longest and almond shaped nails.

Matte Tips: The surface is shiny and the tips matte like velvet. A special French manicure that you will love.

French: On square nails, the favorite French manicure looks even more elegant. And if you want a sophisticated version, ask the nail artist to keep the base transparent and spread the black color on the tips.

The daisies they create the perfect twist on black.

Betina Goldstein drew tiny camellias on her short fingernails and it went viral.

Black Abstract: Which means that the manicure resembles a work of art.

The eternal combination white-black with little shiny touches.

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And if you still want absolute black, it’s enough to apply two layers of nail polish and one layer of shiny top coat.

Cow print: It is special, a big trend this season and the favorite look of it girls.

Η celebrity nail artist Hang Nguyen she has a strong weakness for sharp curves and in this particular manicure she has created a small masterpiece.

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