The most beautiful looks for almond shape nails

The almond shape in other words, “almond” nails have been a big trend in recent years. Although for about two decades most women remained faithful to the squares, this specific one came back to the fore almost at the same time as the French manicure to remind us that it flatters the hands a lot and makes the fingers look thinner and longer.

At the same time, it is elegant and loved by both nail artists and celebrities. The it girls do not leave it, creating wonderful designs that upgrade the shape even more. If you love colors and sophisticated looks or prefer the most minimal trends, then you will see the most beautiful ideas.

Floral and white. It is a perfect idea for autumn and winter and subversive at the same time since you have combined both the design and the color with summer.

Color explosion: And abstract nails that are very reminiscent of the checkered look which is once again a trend. Purple, red, blue and even fluorescent green come together and give the most impressive effect.

Nude base and evil eye look. The right manicure so that you don’t catch the eye.

The glitter it’s always a good idea. There’s no reason to wait for the holidays to adopt a glamorous manicure.

Black and white. But in the most beautiful version of the french manicure which is the double.

Absrtract in chocolate brown shade and shiny black. A combination you have to dare.

To no makeup make up look of nails.

Glazed donut. The trend created by Hailey Bieber is exclusively for almond shape nails.

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Green with pearls. The tips acquire the perfect shade and the transparent base is decorated with the most elegant accents.

Purple twist. Two tones of the same color with ripples on the sides. A nail look that will not go unnoticed.

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