The most common cleaning mistakes that make your house look dirty

Is there anything more stressful than that? Surely you have wondered what you are doing wrong when it comes to cleaning and you might be surprised with the answer. When we receive unexpected visits, the first thing we do is look around and see how “dirty” our house can be. This is something really stressful and it sets us up badly even with our loved one who has come to visit.

However, who is missing has not been the person who has come to share a moment with you, but some common mistakes in your way of cleaning that make your house look dirty even though you have been cleaning for hours.

The best tips to keep your house clean

In this list that we have made to help you see your house sparkling, you will find the most common mistakes made during cleaning. Detecting and correcting them will make you feel more comfortable, calm and will allow you to enjoy a more welcoming environment.

Forget weekly cleaning!

The first of the mistakes that causes your house to not be able to look clean at any time is that you do the cleaning only once a week.

It is very important that cleaning, if you want superficial, is done every day. In addition, it is essential that you dedicate a day to deep cleaning, where you also take care of changing towels and sheets. Finally, it is very important that there is one day a week that you dedicate entirely to the floors, bathroom and furniture.

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Do you clean your house once a month?

Cleaning the house once a month should be something that does not have to be within your options. The cleaning that you could do once a month, is the one that you don’t put too much effort into during the week.

So, as we mentioned in the previous point, house cleaning should be done every day. However, you will be able to carry out a monthly cleaning of those less visible and more uncomfortable places: The inside of the sideboard, drawers, ceilings, glass, sliding door guides and blind boxes, among others.

Do not forget to remove the dust from expensive corner of your house

It is known that the nooks and crannies are the perfect places to gather dust and hair.

Small cracks, moldings on the wall or the bars fill with dust and, if not cleaned, it is one of the most common mistakes that make your house look dirty.

Another of the most annoying places and that justifies a great excess of dust, lint and hair, is the edge of the skirting boards. By cleaning them, you will notice a big difference in the neatness of your house.

Don’t leave stains on the mirrors

The windows and mirrors, after cleaning, must be neat and without marks from the cloths. To carry out this cleaning, it is important that you use a soft cloth and specific products for cleaning mirrors and glass.

One of the best tricks of “grandmother” in cleaning these elements, is to use newspaper. Paper is perfect as it won’t leave any stains on mirrors and your home will look noticeably cleaner.

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Cleaning your house will give you much more than a feeling of neatness

Keeping the home clean is much more important than we think, since not only can we feel more comfortable in it, but it also predisposes us to better start each day.

In addition, we will be able to enjoy the visits without being overwhelmed, a senseless run to clean what we have not done for days, weeks and even months.

Finally, we can even sleep more peacefully between clean sheets and in an environment with a rich and fresh aroma; qualities that we will only find in a house that has a little dedication to cleaning.

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