The most common mistakes that delay weight loss

You made a decision. After many “since Mondays”, enough discussion with the dietitian you trust about the weight loss that is bothering you, endless postponements, today you start a diet. To get rid of the pounds that bother you, to get rid of the calories that spoil your figure and to welcome Christmas in your most “delicate” way. And you don’t start any diet, but intermittent fasting. Leaving your stomach for several hours may seem ideal for losing weight, but there are some common mistakes to avoid in order to succeed. Let’s see…

You’re not hydrating properly

The stomach is empty for a total of 16 hours a day. We talked and agreed. But don’t forget your hydration. According to several studies, those who followed the intermittent fasting method were found to drink less water overall throughout the day compared to those who followed a typical 5-meal diet. Water is your ally. It saves you from dehydration – which in turn makes it difficult for the body to function -, it activates your metabolism and you feel healthy. So make sure you enjoy it quite often during the day.

You don’t share your meals

Despite the fact that you know that for the next 8 hours you can eat at your leisure and without pressure, the craving of the moment leads you to consume a large amount of food from the first minutes when the nutritional eight-hour period begins. Error. Thus, your metabolism is blocked and under-functioning. According to the experts, the transition from the fasting period to the normal diet should be done gradually and escalated as time goes by.

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You exaggerate the portions

Just because you eat fewer hours a day, doesn’t mean you can eat as much as you want. Your portions should be specific and properly portioned, so that you get all the nutrients and don’t exclude any food group.

You don’t work out

You eat less, so you lose weight faster. Not necessary data. Look at it another way! When you follow intermittent fasting, you have in front of you an ideal opportunity to exercise in the morning hours. You will drink your coffee and get the necessary energy, put on your sports shoes and go for a dynamic workout. Thus, you will help the 16 hours pass quickly and you will disappear the stubborn fat, since your stomach will be completely empty.

You start and “steal” your diet

At first, you hold on. Then you follow the same rhythm and intermittent fasting doesn’t seem like a mountain. You start and “steal” a little time. Pause. This is probably the most important mistake you can make. And this, because if you leave the program, it is very difficult to return.

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