The most convenient and stylish blue light glasses that will protect our eyes from the light of the screen

In recent years the increase in the use of screens and digital devices has been spectacular. Social media, gaming, office work, telecommuting and distance learning have kept young and old in front of a screen. As a result of the lack of frequent blinking, working near a screen, but also the blue radiation of the screens burdens the eyes and complaints of eye fatigue and irritation, headaches, dry eyes, sleep disorders have increased.

Many report that these symptoms lessen with use blue light glasses. Essentially, they filter the radiation from the screens and act as a protective filter for our eyes. We – since we spend many hours in front of the screen – looked for blue light glasses that are not only effective but also very stylish.

We are referring to the glasses of the French company Noozwhich we found in the online optical store World of Vision. They are the most flexible, thin, light and durable glasses we have ever tried. Specifically, they weigh just 17 grams, in short, so light that you forget you’re wearing them. They fit into the slimmest glasses case available, measuring just under 14mm, meaning they fit comfortably in any pocket, so you can take them everywhere with you.

At the same time, Nooz lenses are among the most protective on the market with 99% filtering of radiation up to 410 nm, 80% filtering at 420 nm and 40% at 430 nm. They also prevent all reflections that tire the eyes during the day.

The frame is made without screws and with very light, durable and flexible materials so that they do not break. Nooz has blue light glasses for both adults and children, which also need protection from the radiation of screens.

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Plus, their designs are sleek and beautiful. They have 4 frames for all styles and face shapes: round, square, oval and rectangular frames.

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