The most effective tricks to clean eco-leather without damaging it

Cleaning the eco-leather could prove to be a not entirely easy action, precisely because this type of material, exactly like the leatherette, is beautiful from an aesthetic point of view but requires particular attention to its maintenance, including cleaning. However, there are some effective tricks to do it without running the risk of ruining the objects in question, whether they are bags or sofas.

Faux leather, how to clean it without causing damage

We often resort to the choice of eco-leather because it is certainly a very beautiful material to look at and able to make everything more elegant, especially your home if you decide to buy a sofa of this type, for example.

When making such a choice, however, be aware that they may be encountered some doubts regarding cleanliness which requires a lot of patience and foresight so that we do not end up ruining this beautiful but equally complex material. First, you need to know and recognize the difference between faux leather and faux leather: although many believe there are no differences and exchange the two materials, they are two very different things and therefore require different attention.

Do not panic, however, because it is enough to follow a few simple guidelines to learn how to use the most effective methods that can do for us and in any situation.

Faux leather and faux leather: the two materials compared

Knowing the difference between faux leather and faux leather is essentialbecause it is very important to differentiate the perfect products for cleaning them without causing damage from which there is no turning back.

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The first thing to do is definitely check the label who can tell us what material it is, but if you do not have it because you have cut and thrown it, do not worry. Many use the two terms as synonyms, but it is not correct at all because we are talking about two things very distant from each other.

Despite what one might think, eco-leather is not a synthetic material and not even a vegan material that is becoming more and more popular in recent years; it is in fact obtained from a by-product of leather of animal origin, with the difference that it has undergone a sustainable process from an environmental point of view and in compliance with the rules.

The imitation leather, also called imitation leather, it is an aesthetic reproduction very close to real leather, but it is not of animal origin. Precisely for this reason, faux leather and imitation leather need very different treatments. Let’s find out together how to cope with the cleaning of the first material.

The baking soda trick to clean faux leather

As always, when it comes to the home world there is a perfect ally for many situations: it is baking soda, useful for solving many problems.

All that needs to be done in this specific case is mix a tablespoon of baking soda for each liter of water lukewarm (neither cold nor hot); after that, you have to use a sponge or even better a microfiber cloth (very useful for general house cleaning) on ​​the affected area in case there is a stain or on the whole surface, if you want to carry out a complete cleaning.

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The cloth must be well wrung out before passing it on the material, and you have to be careful not to rub too hard otherwise you risk damaging the object in question. When you need to insist on a particular stain, it is best not to do it with the pressure of the cloth but keeping patience and take a few more seconds if the dirt is difficult to remove.

Chemical remedies to clean eco-leather

On the market you can find many specially created products for the occasion, whatever it may be, but in these cases it is good to remember that natural remedies are always effective and, unlike chemical ones, they certainly avoid being faced with irreparable catastrophes.

Once the material is ruined, there is no turning back: for this reason it is strictly not recommended to use bleach (even if it is white chairs, bags or sofas) and products that are too aggressive. In fact, bleach is perfect for cleaning the bathroom or shower joints, for example, but not for eco-leather. In any case, when you buy something on the market, it would always be better to try it on an invisible part of the object, so that, if it were to be damaged, the damage would not be seen.

Other remedies for cleaning faux leather

Baking soda is not the only effective trick when it comes to cleaning eco-leather. First of all, it is recommended to clean it daily with a damp microfibre cloth (a little, because the surface must not be too wet) in order to avoid encrustations of dirt. Let’s see together, however, the other products that can be used.

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Vinegar, a natural degreaser ally of the home world together with baking soda and lemon: it is definitely effective against dirt and halos, but how to use it for eco-leather? The trick is to spray a small amount on a cloth and wipe the surface. In a few moments, the game is done.

Another very useful product is the Marseille soap: also used on many occasions in the home, and in this case you need to pour some flakes into a bowl with warm water and perform the same procedure used with baking soda. In a few seconds the stains disappear and the effect is super approved!

Last but not least, there is another product. Despite being little considered in the world of cleaning, even the cleanser it can be a perfect ally for a similar situation. Yes, that’s right, the same one that is usually also used to remove make-up. The reason is very simple: not being too aggressive, it is useful for eliminating stains from eco-leather, managing not to damage the material and, on the contrary, enhancing it by giving it shine.

Before we get to the cleansing remedies, however, it is good to remember to follow a few precautions that can prevent stains and general dirtso as not to have to defeat resistant stains: if you have, for example, an eco-leather sofa, it is essential not to bring it close to heat sources such as radiators so as not to damage it, but also not to sit in dark jeans, especially if the color of the fabric is light.

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