The new technique that gives the most natural and shiny effect to hair color

You know everything about balayage and it is likely that you have asked the haircolorist several times, especially if you used to do highlights and love subtle shine. Now the experts ask you to put it aside for a while since they recommend it to you “hair frosting”. The new technique that gives a light effect to the hair, subtle and super elegant. Celebrities have already loved and adopted it and then you will see all the details and the looks.

First I have to tell you how this is a trend that comes directly from the 90’s and brought back to the fore by beloved TikTokers. You can ask your hairdresser whether you have a brown or blonde base.

Simply put, think wide and light-colored highlights with an emphasis on the front part, the point that experts call “frame”, that is, the frame of the face. In this way they create an effect that illuminates and flatters your features. Unlike the classic, 90’s version where the familiar highlights were too light in tone, now they are more natural and blend masterfully with the darker tufts. After all, the frosting technique requires this exact mixing which offers a wonderful and multi-dimensional effect perfect for autumn and winter.

THE Sophia Richie she’s already followed the trend and her hair looks like it’s been re-opened in a natural way from the sun. After all, this is the point.

Ο haircolorist combines cool tones with a dark base with highlights that are both on the surface of the hair and inside. In this way, the incredible effect is created even when moving or when picking up your hair. At the same time, it is a perfect technique for thin hair, since it creates the illusion of volume. If your foundation is brown, you can follow her example Kaia Gerber with highlights in a golden tone that suits medium skin tones well.

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H Hailey Bieber she is another it girl who as soon as she decided to go brown asked her hairdresser to follow the specific technique so that the result would be completely natural. Don’t forget that for years she remained loyal to “California blonde”.

And if you have dark skin and equally dark hair base, you can copy her look Priyanka Chopra who prefers copper tones and wide highlights on the entire surface of the hair but always with an emphasis on the front tufts.

And for you who want summer vibes all year round, even in the hair look, highlights in caramel shades are ideal. All that remains is to book your next appointment with the haircolorist and ask him for your favorite look.

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