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The new trend in skin care calls for a break

Skincare trends have been popping up for the last few years, and they’ve probably left you a little confused or disoriented. First came K-Beauty, the routine of Korean girls who really have flawless skin. You tried to follow it, but it can be described as anything but practical and economical. Many products in line and even more time to spend every morning and night.

And time is precious, especially if you don’t do well with waking up in the morning and at night you just want to do as few movements as possible before relaxing on the couch. Yes, you will do a proper make-up removal, you will apply serum and moisturizer as well as products containing retinol or acids. But everyday? It’s correct; And the answer comes from TikTokers with the new trend in the skincare routine that wants you to take a break from certain formulas and is called Skincare Fasting. And then the experts aka dermatologists who reveal their opinion on this particular trend.

The new trend in skin care calls for a break

What exactly is Skincare Fasting?

First, once a week you use absolutely no skincare products. In this way, you allow the natural oiliness of the skin to function naturally and the sebum, in turn, takes over its protection. In fact, pit is a skin fast and according to the experts who support and recommend Skincare Fastingin this way the protective barrier of the skin is strengthened and you can more easily perceive which products cause you any irritations or other kind of problems.

Caution: If you have skin problems such as acne or eczema, you are not allowed to follow skincare fasting.

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The new trend in skin care calls for a break

The second part of skincare fasting is about applying products with retinol or acids that you use almost every day. Here he suggests a break of about a week, especially if you have been overdoing it with the specific formulas lately. Daily use weakens the skin barrier which acts as a safety line that protects against toxins, germs and the appearance of signs of aging.

Does Skincare Fasting Really Work? What the experts say

Dermatologists are skeptical especially when it comes to women with oily skin. Proper cleansing especially at night is essential even if there is no trace of makeup. Pollutants do just as much damage to the skin while the nutrients in skincare products keep the skin glowing and hydrated. They agree with the minimal skin care routine and suggest 1-2 times a week and in your evening routine that retinol and acid formulas are set aside to allow the skin barrier to work. In the morning, however, it is necessary to use sun cream and vitamin C serum.

Before you decide to follow the new trend, you must discuss it with your dermatologist or beautician, since each skin has its own unique needs and tolerances.

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