The secret of happiness? The happiest man in the world reveals it

We crave happiness so much that sometimes the search for it turns into an obsession. Other times we are so focused on giving a meaning and a face to what we are looking for that we do not even realize that she is right there, in our hands, slipping away.

Ma what happiness really is? Someone could find the answer in all those material things that we surround ourselves with every day, the same things that give us that back labile sense of contentment destined to fill the voids we have inside. Others might say that happiness hides in the people who are part of our life, but even those sometimes go away. Still others might find it in the little things, those to which no one pays any attention now.

Investigate the field of happiness it means walking on treacherous and steep terrain in which questions that no one has ever been able to answer sink and lose themselves in. Nobody except him, Matthieu Ricard, who is considered unanimous the happiest man in the world.

Who is Matthieu Ricard, the happiest man in the world

Those who have always been obsessed with happiness will surely know the name of Matthieu Ricard, after all, just do some research on the web to investigate the field and discover that everything related to happiness leads back to him.

Matthieu Ricard, born in 1946, is a French Buddhist monk of the Tibetan school, as well as the author and protagonist of numerous books on happiness. In his most recent autobiography, Diary of a wandering monk, it is he who recounts his life, his experiences and all those choices that led him there, in that dimension in which we all dream of arriving after a long and exhausting journey in search of happiness.

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A happiness that the Buddhist monk has achieved and which has not only attracted the curiosity of thousands of people around the world, but has also aroused the interest of scholars.

Even science, just like us, has always investigated the field of happiness, which is why some experts have decided to study Matthieu Ricard to discover its secret. The study, conducted by neuroscientists fromUniversity of Wisconsin, took place thanks to the application of over two hundred sensors on the man’s skull that monitored brain activities. From the study of the results it emerged that never, in any person, had such high activity in the part of the brain connected with positive emotions been recorded.

This is a result that has made Matthieu Ricard the happiest man in the world without a doubt. But what is his secret?

The secret of happiness

Matthieu Ricard himself answered the question that we have all asked ourselves at least once in our life. Over the years, the Buddhist monk has generously talked about himself through written and spoken words several times.

The secret seems to be one, and only one: altruism. Over the years, Matthieu Ricard has managed to put his ego aside, considered by himself a source of unhappiness and stress. To reach this state of fundamental bliss is meditation, which allows you to remove all negative energies and distractions.

Solidarity and generosityon the other hand, the constants of his entire existence demonstrated also in his humanitarian works in defense and enhancement of Tibetan culture, the same that have awarded him the nomination as Knight of the National Order of Merit.

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