The superfoods you now find on the market

Do you want to weight loss, but you want to burn fat at the same time. Because, one does not always imply the other. It is very likely that, as you lose weight, your muscle mass and fat will decrease, although it will be less, but it will persist and not spoil your figure. Forget it! In your quest to burn fat, there is a solution. And it is found in foods that, if you look more closely in the supermarket, are next to or in front of your eyes. Yes, these are the SuperFoods of the season that will eliminate stubborn fat in the pi and fi!

They are in your kitchen all year round. Now, however, they are in their prime. So, and in their best taste. Rich in fiber and nutrients, two apples are enough to stimulate your metabolism and burn the excess fat that, no matter how we do it, bothers you. Try combining them with a little cinnamon for an even better result.

The superfoods you now find on the market 1


Color and flavor meet in this vegetable, which you can enjoy in many ways. Boil it – even fewer calories huh! – and turn it into a highly nutritious salad. Use it as a basic ingredient in a fasting and tasty hummus. However you enjoy them, beets with a small dose of lemon locate the excess fat and begin to break it down.

The superfoods you now find on the market


A pear a day makes the metabolism run like a bullet. He doesn’t throw the number on the scale, just for that. It has very few calories, while its ingredients reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. Let it leave a refreshing sensation on your palate that we always need.

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The superfoods you now find on the market


An orange a day stubborn fat goes away. You can enjoy them all year round, but in the following days they acquire their sweetest taste. Despite its sweet taste, the orange has few calories and most importantly, it satisfies the feeling of hunger, helping you to easily defeat that afternoon craving that often starts with a ginger macaron and ends up with whole chocolate. And all this while the fat is broken down and the body is detoxified.

The superfoods you now find on the market


Nuts love your figure and hate fat. That’s why they break it up. For even better results, try unsalted almonds. You will remember us!

The superfoods you now find on the market


They are one of the best – and hardest to buy, because you think they don’t fit into many recipes – autumn fruits. The persimmon locates the fat in your body and contributes to its breakdown, while you feel full from its fiber.

The superfoods you now find on the market


Versatile and wonderful! She is in her time. Autumn and your palate love it. And not by chance, since it also takes care of your line. Another vegetable that you can use in many ways. You just need to have imagination and desire to play. Whatever you prepare, keep in the back of your mind that polymorphic pumpkin with its high content of iron and nutrients eliminates the bloating in the belly area and takes away the fat along with it.

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