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The ten care rules that will prepare the skin for Autumn

September is for the skin like the New Year: You set new rules and habits ahead of the new season. Slowly but surely the temperature changes and the skin needs a different treatment to cope with the new conditions. And if you want it to stay shiny and healthy, all you have to do is to follow the ten basic rules recommended by dermatologists and facialists.
Rule 1: Reassess skin condition
It is the right time to review as far as the condition of the skin is concerned and the routine you will follow to keep it flawless. Sun exposure, environmental pollution and lack of sleep are just some of the causes of cell damage. After the summer, your skin may show strong signs of dryness or pimples and spots. This means that you have to visit the expert, find out the reasons for the appearance of the marks and then include in your care routine the products that will help you deal with them.
Rule 2: Care of the skin barrier
In view of the approaching autumn and winter, you must take care of the skin barrier with formulas that deeply nourish and hydrate. Dryness is one of the most common symptoms. The barrier is also weakened by frequent temperature changes, from cold to warm indoors and vice versa. So you should start using a moisturizing cream with ceramides in its composition as well as products with fatty acids and a rich texture.

The ten care rules that will prepare the skin for 1
Rule 3: Sun protection
It is one of the most basic rules that you should not forget. You apply daily, even on rainy or cloudy days, the sunscreen facial cream with a high protection index.
Rule 4: Correct water temperature
The water should only be lukewarm when you clean your face. It’s the right temperature to remove makeup and impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Very hot water, which causes dryness, is prohibited, as well as cold water, which tightens the skin but does not clean properly and deeply.

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The ten care rules that will prepare the skin for
Rule 5: Don’t forget your lips
It is one of the most beautiful parts of the face and the one that gets strong signs of dryness when the temperature is low. Exfoliation is what will help you to keep them shiny, hydrated and soft, while from now on, your favorite lip balm should always be in your vanity, ideally with a protection index.
Rule 6: Care from within
In addition to the appropriate formulas, a beautiful appearance also depends on the proper functioning of the body. Collagen dietary supplements are an easier and more direct way. It gives shine and firmness to the skin and at the same time strength to hair and nails.

The ten care rules that will prepare the skin for
Rule 7: Moisturize and remoisturize
Face, neck, décolleté and hands. These are the points you should focus on. The best time is immediately after the shower when the pores are open and accept the product more easily. Dry air and heat cause dryness and you treat it with products containing active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and ceramides.
Rule 8: Proper cleaning
You choose a gentle product in gel form with a skin-friendly pH, which means 4-5, or a cleansing water with rich moisturizing agents. Immediately after, you apply serum and moisturizer.

The ten care rules that will prepare the skin for

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Rule 9: Chemical exfoliation
Now is the time to add a chemical exfoliant to your routine with acids that remove dead skin cells, reduce signs like spots and freckles, and the uneven tone created by sun exposure.
Rule 10: Retinol
It is the ultimate winter ingredient. It boosts collagen production, reduces discolouration and gives an even tone to the skin. In other words, it repairs all the damage caused by solar radiation in the previous months.

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