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Tired Eyes – Causes and Home Remedies

Many of us sometimes feel our eyes tired, heavy, strained and with dark circles. Eye strain is common nowadays and is not an eye disease, so it cannot be treated with medical treatment.

You should not forget that tired eyes can change the image of the face and you definitely do not want that.


  • Excessive exposure to screens, such as mobile phones, tablets or computers can be responsible for tired eyes. Also, when someone is in front of a screen for many hours, the rate at which the eyes blink decreases and they are not lubricated sufficiently, resulting in a risk of dry eyes.
  • Poor room lighting is also another cause of eye strain. In very bright or very low light, excessive muscle work is required, resulting in eye fatigue.
  • Driving for long hours
  • Daily activities that require intense attention and focus for a long period of time.
  • Systematic reading
  • The lack of sleep
  • The age
  • Lifestyle, such as alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and staying up all night. All of these cause a lack of oxygen in the blood and are responsible for dark circles that also make the eyes look tired.
  • Fluid retention causes puffiness and dark circles under the eyes which in turn make the eyes look very tired.
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Hormonal disorders
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Home remedies

1. Potato and cucumber mask

You will need a potato and a small cucumber, which you will grate on a grater and let them release their juices in a bowl. Then dip 2 makeup remover discs, close the eyes and apply the pads for about 15-20 minutes. After this time your eyes will be noticeably more rested.

2. Yogurt mask

The easiest mask you can make for tired eyes is yogurt. Apply some yogurt to the area around the eyes, leave it for 15 minutes and then wash your face with plenty of water.

3. Chamomile and milk mask

Boil chamomile, strain it well, mix an equal amount of chamomile and milk and put this mixture in ice packs. When they are frozen, take an ice cube for each eye, place it in a gauze or a bag and do a gentle circular massage around the eyes.

4. Mask with green and black tea

Refrigerate green and black tea bags for 20 minutes and then apply them to the eyes for 10-15 minutes. This is an easy and quick treatment for tired and strained eyes.

5. Vitamin E oil

Put a drop of vitamin E oil on your finger and make gentle, relaxing massage movements around the eyes. In this way, the blood circulation in the area increases.

6. Coconut oil

Gently massage around the eyes with a little coconut oil. You will immediately feel relief and your eyes will look more rested.

7. Almond oil

Gently massage the area around the eyes with a little almond oil and leave it on overnight. In the morning your eyes will be much more rested and bright.

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8. Coffee

Compress with iced coffee and your eyes will immediately look much more rested as the caffeine stimulates and stimulates circulation.

9. Rose water

Soak 2 makeup remover discs in rose water and leave these compresses for about 15 minutes around the eyes. For better results, it would be good to repeat this process regularly.

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