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What are Sheet masks – For flawless skin

For a few years now, sheet masks have entered our lives and specifically into our beauty routine. This new type of mask was introduced to us by Korean women, who are pioneers in terms of beauty and even better skin care.

They believe that these masks are the only way for the skin to be rested and glowing, even while you relax. Then, after becoming a trend among Korean women, sheet masks conquered celebrities, who swear by their benefits and use them before every official appearance. Thus, they became known to the general public and in many cases have replaced classic face masks.

What are sheet masks?

These are face masks made of cotton fabric, thin and flexible paper or some material with microfibers that cover the entire face. They contain in their composition active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals and plant extracts, which penetrate better and more effectively into the skin in order to hydrate it, renew it and reduce dullness and fine lines. In addition, they are so easy to use that you also save time if you are busy. You open the package and apply it very easily, as it has the shape of the face with openings for the eyes and lips. The composition of the mask is such that it “sticks” to the skin and does not move.

It usually takes 10-30 minutes to work and you can use it 2-3 times a week. Also important is that thanks to the innovative technology of these masks, the moisturizing agents can penetrate the material they are made of and not evaporate, thus acting deeper on the skin. For this reason these masks have much better results even if they are applied only once.

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Beneficial properties

As we mentioned above, sheet masks have the ability to hold their ingredients in the skin and these in turn penetrate into the deeper layers thus providing better results.

Most masks contain ingredients that brighten, tighten, plump the skin tone and improve the complexion. Their purpose is to hydrate the skin, not to clean or exfoliate it. They are rich in ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins and amino acids. But there are also masks that do cellular renewal, detoxification, antiaging or smoothing.

Sheet masks nourish the skin and renew its cells, improve the natural barrier, hydrate, soften, rejuvenate and give a youthful appearance and glow, while at the same time smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. And all this in just a few minutes.


  • They should always be applied to clean and dry skin, so that you can be sure that the active ingredients penetrate in the best way.
  • You should not neglect your serum and moisturizer, as masks do not replace these products.
  • Do not wash off these masks but prefer to do a light massage with your fingers so that the ingredients are better absorbed by the skin.
  • They have such practical packaging that they fit everywhere and this makes them ideal even for your travels.
  • Use such a mask before an official appearance for extra hydration and shine and impress everyone around you.
  • Place the mask in the refrigerator before application. The sensation of ice will wake up the skin and rejuvenate it.
  • Add sheet masks to your skincare routine to get the flawless skin you definitely want.

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