What happens when Christmas is associated with bad events?

Holidays! I don’t know if it’s early, if the festive mood comes with the arrival of December or with the decoration of the houses. Beautiful colors, ornaments, deer, little angels gold and red shades everywhere. It’s a different world at Christmas.

Not only does his appearance change, so does his mood. A more humane, more generous, more philanthropic climate prevails. Everyone offers. Everyone offers both material goods and emotions.

Holidays are feelings.

For me the holidays come when these mixed holiday feelings and the melancholy that comes from these days are created within us. It is known that many people think that Christmas is a gloomy time and I would partly agree. It’s a celebration that you it creates so many emotions and you want to have your own people around you.

But what happens when your people are not around? Because of distance, death – everything in life is – maybe because the relationships between you have broken down. What happens when for some reason you don’t feel close to anyone and do you get lonely? What if Christmas has become associated with certain bad events and every year they come to your mind?

It’s the moments when during the holidays, you have a small weight on your chest, a bitter feeling in your heart and a dull look. These are the moments when the happy birthday you say to someone would normally take on a different meaning if you said it to someone close to you. It is the tears that are pressed into your eyes, the bitterness that lives inside you and the negative emotions that are inside you during the holidays. The decorations, the lights, the songs are not to blame. It’s not even your fault. This just comes from the holidays. All the gloom comes from it.

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Not that after the holidays all of this goes away from you, but it sinks because of your routine and emotions take a second place in the stress and fast pace you live. What I suggest is to think about all the good things that the holidays offer you and leave the difficult ones aside. They don’t deserve to “steal” your smile.

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