What should you pay attention to in order not to gain a lot of weight during the holidays?

Easter is approaching and especially in Greece it is a big celebration where the whole family gathers around the rich table that includes traditional, delicious recipes. At the same time, Easter is a time to relax and enjoy nature and the spring weather.

For some of you there has been a period of complete fasting (40 days or 1 week) and the evening of Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday are coming with many delicious temptations such as lamb, goat, eggs, buns, Easter cookies and more. These days you have to be very careful in the way you consume them for two important reasons:

The first is indigestion which will follow if you consume the above foods greedily and in large quantities.

The second is the maintenance of your weight. There is no need to take advantage of the Easter holiday by consuming large amounts of food because this will result in an increase in the weight that you have been trying so hard all year to reduce or maintain.

How to avoid unpleasant results

– You always have as a goal during the holidays to maintain your weight, not to gain weight, but not to lose either.

– You keep the eating habits you have as much as you can. The fact that the day of Easter is approaching, does not mean that you will forget your eating habits for the rest of the days.
– You don’t forget the mid-day snacks.
-You never arrive at the festive table hungry. You follow 4-5 meals a day.
– 1-2 sweets per day will not prevent you from maintaining your weight.
– Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily

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M. Sabbath and Easter Sunday at the festive table

– At the Resurrection dinner table, it is good to start with a plate of stew and a salad. The cooking is the intermediate nutritional stage between the fasting and the Easter meals.
– First you look at all the food on the table.
– You first think about what you like most and what you least like. So you will prefer your most favorite ones.
– Then, after deciding what to choose, you start filling your plate with the salads you like and then with the main course.
– A good trick is to fill half the plate with vegetables. This way you will avoid enough saturated fat from animal foods
– It is good to start with the vegetables and proceed to the main meal, this way satiety occurs faster.
– Your meal should last 20 minutes, so that you understand that you are full without consuming more quantities.
– Prefer 1-2 glasses of red wine that is rich in antioxidants.
– If, despite all this, you do not manage to restrain yourself in all these challenges, you can be more careful the next day to come to a balance.

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