What to eat during pregnancy so as not to gain weight

To avoid gain too many pounds during pregnancy? It is possible if we select the right foods and avoid indulging in too many delicacies. There are even some pregnant women who during the period of pregnancy they are followed by a nutritionist and a personal trainer to continue both eating well and in a healthy way, and training, all with the necessary precautions. So let’s try to understand how and what to eat during pregnancy so as not to gain weight.

The ideal would be to take into account that we need to eat more but not too much: on average we should follow a diet that includes about 1,800 calories per day, trying however to vary the diet in such a way as to guarantee the body the correct supply of vitamins, salts minerals and other essential nutrients, especially during pregnancy.

As well as in any diet you need have five meals: the main three plus mid-day snacks. At lunch you should never exclude carbohydrates, if anything, eat less of them, no more than 80 grams, and dress them with vegetables or simple condiments; preferring rice and cereals could be a great idea. As for the main courses, green light for fish and all white meats, while red meat should be eaten only once a week. Cheese is also allowed, as long as it is in small portions and always accompanied by a side of vegetables. If possible eat some vegetables, even raw but if well washed, even when you eat pasta. Bread, on the other hand, is better to choose wholemeal and not eat more than 40 grams at a time.

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In the morning you can enjoy your usual milk-based breakfast to be accompanied with rusks or dry biscuits, but no more than five. Alternatively, yogurt and cereals will do. To break hunger during the day, green light for fruit and crackers.

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