Why Do Dogs Fart?

What are the possible causes

The flatulence of our dogs, in addition to being particularly smelly, can test us if we are in a public place! But where does this excess air come from? The origins can derive from different reasons which we will analyze below.

Wrong power supply

And’incorrect, low-quality nutrition and not suitable for our dogs, it can contribute to excessive production of air in their intestines. All the components of the meal that have not been digested in the stomach (such as fiber) arrive at the enteric level where the bacteria begin a fermentation process to try to process them. This phenomenon generates gases (often with a pungent odor) which will then be eliminated with flatulence.

Food change

Change the type of food, suddenly and without the right precautionsit can cause severe intestinal stress causing it to malfunction.

Excessive ingestion of air

Normally, a physiological amount of air is introduced into the stomach during the ingestion of the meal. The problem arises in those subjects who they eat with excessive enthusiasm, devouring it all without even chewing. Much more serious conditions are those linked to dyspnoic pathologies, in which the subject ingests air due to severe breathing difficulties. By belching or intestinal elimination, this air will have to be evacuated.

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Wrong foods, intolerances and allergies

There are foods that should not be given to our dogs. Fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, milk and derivativestoo fatty foods and spices can be the cause of bad smells and intestinal bloating.

Chronic intestinal diseases and overweight

These are pathological conditions that cause gastrointestinal discomfort with consequent meteorism and flatulence. Issues such as frequent colitis, infiltrative or oncological enteric pathologies and parasites can impair normal motility and functioning of the digestive tract.

To know

These are the main causes, in addition to those of breed predisposition, as in the case of brachycephalic dogs. The problem caused by the phenomenon of flatulence, however, must not focus only on unpleasant smells and the discomfort it causes: dogs that suffer from it suffer seriously. The air tends to stretch the intestinal loops, causing severe colic pain.

How to fix the problem (and how to prevent it)

Going over the previous list, I suggest you:

  • Pay close attention to the quality of food you give your dog, how he takes it (use gimmicks like the maze bowl to slow them down, for example) and food changes that you carry out (gradually and slowly);
  • Do not give foods that are potentially dangerous or that may favor the formation of gas;
  • Always keep your four-legged friend in shape by making him do physical activity (even just for nice walks);
  • Give them the right amount of food and keep their health (parasites and physical well-being) under control.

Don’t forget to use the our probiotic friends. Replacing the good bacteria that have suffered in the pathological conditions caused by meteorism, allows you to be able strengthen the array of good bacteria that work at the service of our dogs, thus improving digestive and intestinal absorption processes and ensuring a better and faster recovery.

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Obviously, the advice of your veterinarian is, and remains, always fundamental: probiotics can help, but for much more serious problems a medical diagnosis is essential.

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