Why do I fall in love with the wrong men?

In the question “why do I fall in love with the wrong men” we have 7 possible reasons.

After every romantic disappointment you wonder what went wrong. Why did you fall for the wrong man for a relationship again? Because you have, after all, this tendency to seek love and affection from people who cannot provide it. You’re not the only one out there. Maybe women who fall for the wrong men make up a large percentage of the singles out there. What happens, finally, and you run into men who don’t want a relationship?

#1 You make assumptions based on a feeling

You’re so focused on an intense attraction to a partner that you ignore all the obvious red flags. Part of you believes that without passion from the beginning, the relationship will not satisfy you. This attachment to how you are supposed to be in love causes you to jump into relationships too quickly and give a stranger the benefit of the doubt.

#2 You have low self-esteem

Low self-esteem makes you put up with people who don’t treat you with respect because it matches how you feel about yourself. You don’t think you deserve better and find yourself settling for anyone who shows interest. You often apologize for your behavior, even if you haven’t done anything wrong. Low self-esteem will keep you stuck in a pattern of unfulfilling relationships. It will also make it difficult for you to recognize a man who is willing to do whatever it takes to make you happy.

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#3 You have lost the essence of yourself

If your entire social life revolves around your partner, you may be prone to losing yourself in your relationships. This strategy comes from a combination of being afraid of being alone and not having a strong sense of self. However, you can never be happy if you don’t know who you are and what you really want. No man can fill a void that exists within you. This is something you have to do for yourself.

#4 You have the idea of ​​sacrifice for love

When you get into a relationship, you tend to let go of your wants and needs. Whatever the circumstances under which this belief was formed, you have learned enough. You learned that love and acceptance must be earned by giving up something you value and caring for others. With this view of love, you may be falling in love with the “wrong” people. That is, those who expect you to always give in to their wants and needs.

#5 You don’t think you deserve love

Growing up in a family that doesn’t value or respect you, it’s pretty easy to believe you’re not “good enough.” Low self-esteem brings with it the expectation that a life partner will fill the void. Ultimately, this belief will lead to relationships without healthy boundaries and being around toxic and manipulative people. When you don’t feel worthy of love, you will tolerate unhealthy relationship dynamics and justify bad behavior. Besides, you don’t feel like you deserve better.

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#6 You avoid conflicts

When you avoid conflict and don’t talk about the things that bother you, you can end up in a relationship where your partner takes your happiness for granted. When you finally ask for things to change, he’ll resist because he’s happy the way things are. Avoiding conflict does not make problems go away. Conflict is a natural part of being a human being living with other humans.

#7 You see your relationship as a task

If you fall in love with people not for what they are, but for what you think they can become, you are probably looking to find your self-worth through this task. When you have this belief, then it is difficult to find someone who can make you happy, because they will never live up to the vision of what you see for them. You will also find yourself in relationships, where you will always solve problems. Sooner or later you will end up feeling like the only adult in the relationship rather than part of a team that works together.

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