Why do we fear change and worry about the future?

Every day we set goals that will make us succeed in some area of ​​our lives. For a better professional position, for a successful relationship, for a better financial future, to offer our people the best we can. The result is that we put too much pressure on ourselves to achieve so many things, leading to a stressful daily life. This anxiety also involves fear for his life and his future. This fear is the biggest of all as it is about something unknown, something we cannot control.

Carry the mistakes of the past into the future

You believe that some past experience will return at some point in your life and you should be ready to deal with it in order to react better this time. So you fill your mind with scenarios to deal with the imaginary problem you have created yourself. The result: anxiety and fear about what’s going to happen in the future.

You are still afraid

You are afraid to change the big decisions you made in the past, as you feel that it is too late to change anything now and the change will probably bring you something worse. So you stay in a wrong career choice, in a relationship that doesn’t offer you anything more now, you don’t speak up when you should because you think other people’s decisions override your own. So you choose to live in constant retreat since you are not actually happy with the parameters you have set in your life as the fear of change is greater.

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You are not working to your potential

You have set in your mind the ideal work role model, probably some successful person around you and you try to work like him. Target; Get what this man enjoys. Result; Worried that you won’t get everything right like he does and what if you eventually fail? Conclusion; To set our own goals according to our capabilities. The smaller the goals we set each time, the closer we get to the big goal.

You know what you want but you put it off

You know that making significant changes in your life will help you get to where you dream, but the fear of losing what you have prevents you from forging your own path.

You see the worst

The fact that a person lost his job and now cannot meet his expenses makes you continue your conventional life and fear change. However, you might think the man who lost his job found a better way out of his life.

You lose the present

You dwell on what went wrong in the past or what you could do in the future and forget to act today.

You are afraid of disappointing others

You constantly worry about appearing worthy of the expectations that others have of you when in reality you are not satisfied with the relationship between you. So you end up doing what you have to and not what you would like.

You have the wrong mindset

You think that only those who are born rich and intelligent are truly happy, or that happiness will only come if you work hard. The point is to think about what makes you happy and work for it.

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Every special day of our life gives us a gift. Better to focus on recognizing this gift and making our days beautiful by shaking off the anxiety of what may come in the future.

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