Why do we gain weight when we are in a relationship?

A little bit of waiting for how and how to find a person to match with him and build a beautiful relationship, a little bit of the planets that were finally in the right position to favor the “personal life” chapter, everything led to the creation of the desired relationship! But what to do if you have to come to terms with the idea that along with the relationship, you will also gain extra pounds? Because if you think about it, when we’re in a relationship, in a weird way, we’ll gain a couple of kilos, just for goodness sake! At least they will accompany us when after a while the separation begins to fade!

There are many reasons that could justify this not so pleasant situation. If you were lucky enough to find your match this holiday season, you certainly won’t be spending last year’s boring Christmas, sitting in your pajamas on the sofa and watching holiday shows with songs and dances with your parents. Instead, you’ll be snuggling with your boyfriend watching Christmas movies and eating cookies and you’ll stroll through the Christmas markets, sampling everything from cookies and gingerbread to hot chocolate and scones!

Next chapter: exam period! Lucky or unlucky to be in the same city as your friend and study together for the exam lessons? I’m not sure about the answer! Because on the one hand in a couple one of the two can follow a healthy diet and in a magical way pull the other into this lifestyle, on the other hand irregularities lurk and especially when you have so much to read and no time for anything else, ordering out is the only solution.

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In addition, when in a relationship, both people have to cope with a hectic daily schedule, the relationship necessarily takes a more leisurely pace as there is often no time and appetite for a drink in a shop or a cinema. The best alternative is the twin “movie and pizza” and because salty always goes together with sweet, a sweet crepe will come to close the evening!

It is also this confidence that possesses us when we are in a relationship that in short we have tied our ass, so we no longer care much about how we look to the person next to us. But no person and no relationship should be taken for granted, while at the same time how we feel better about ourselves should not depend on how others see us.

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