You have not imagined what nail polish does to our health!

Have you ever wondered what might be happening in our bodies when we paint our nails?

According to a recent study many of the most popular brands of nail polish in America may be much more harmful than they appear.

What do the surveys say?

According to the research results, 100% of the women who participated had samples of triphenyl phosphate just 10 hours after applying nail polish. This is an important finding and a worrying factor.

According to another study, the same researchers tested ten different nail polishes for triphenyl phosphate and found the chemical in 8 of them. Two of them did not mention the presence of this chemical on their label.

What is triphenyl phosphate?

One of the most serious problems with triphenylphosphate (or TPHP) is that it is known to disrupt the human endocrine system, which controls all hormones, can affect hormone regulation, metabolism, reproduction and development.

This is especially harmful for young girls who use nail polish regularly because healthy hormonal development is an essential part of their development. Nevertheless, TPHP poses a serious health risk to those exposed to it. It is also known to recommend:

  • Neurotoxin (developmental complications)
  • Endocrine Toxin
  • Reproductive toxin
  • Skin irritant and allergenic
  • Other Health Threats:


Formaldehyde is a well-known carcinogen that dissolves in water and air (the strong smell of varnish). Exposure to this chemical can also cause symptoms of a respiratory disorder, such as asthma and difficulty breathing. People with chronic illnesses are particularly susceptible to formaldehyde poisoning.

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This chemical is known to stunt the growth of children (and some scientists have found traces of it in breast milk!). In addition, it can irritate the skin.

Dibutyl phthalate

Some brands of nail polish use phthalate instead of TPHP, but even this is harmful to health. In fact, it presents similar health risks, such as hormone disruption and reproductive system toxins.

Fortunately, there are some companies that have decided to react positively to the effects of these dangerous ingredients in nail polish. There are some amazing, natural alternatives that don’t contain health-threatening ingredients that are blamed for allergies, cancers, and hormonal disruptions.

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